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Lego Robo Lab

The Lego Robo Lab is designed for pre-primary and primary students. Brick by brick, the children build and enhance their basic logical thinking and motor skills....

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World Class Schools in Faridabad

Atal Tinkering Lab encourages young minds to be curious, creative, and imaginative, as well as instil skills such as design mindset, computational thinking, adaptive learning, and physical computing…

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Best School in Faridabad

We believe in preparing students for their career after school because according to us, school is not just till +2, but it is for the preparation of beyond +2…

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Top school of Faridabad

The school is built on a two-acre plot of land and has environmentally friendly modern architecture as well as world-class academic infrastructure…

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Numerous fun and challenging events like Technodium,Conquer the Mic, French Fiesta etc were conducted


Students of class ll dressed up as community workers and spoke about them

Water conservation
Water Conservation

Students of GCIS displayed their concern for water conservation through various activities

hindi week celebration

Various activities like Read Aloud,Polishing Sessions,Public Speaking etc were conducted to enhance language skills of student

teej celebration

We celebrated Teej with full zest and enthusiasm


Grand Columbus International School is strategically located in the heart of the city Faridabad



Pre School


The foundation is divided into two parts, i.e. Pre-Primary and Primary wing. As one visits the foundation wing, a strong feeling of joy, focus, and happiness is experienced.
Elementary Education


The Preparatory Class will focus on developing cognitive, emotional, and psychomotor abilities, as well as early reading and numeracy, via play-based learning.


Besides academics, the students are given value education and taught to be responsible citizens of the world.
Secondary Education


The secondary wing of our school is singularly focused on stimulating different areas of intelligence to be prepared for a competitive world.

Best School in Faridabad

Becoming successful in life is a dream of every student because it directly shapes the future of students and School is the best place where teachers modify students into the most preferable candidate.

In Today's Globalized world, there is high demand for the Confident, Talented, Smartest, and Encouraging person who can handle high positions in Big Tech Companies, Businesses, and Several other jobs.

Grand Columbus International School is the Best School in Faridabad because the teachers of the school shape students to make them global citizens and fill them with the quality of leadership along with the skills that help the students to become future leaders.

Grand Columbus International School ensures the student's overall development and boosts their ability to learn and complete tasks in an absolutely perfect manner. 

Grand Columbus International School prepares students to tackle the present challenges by teaching the students how to become confident and encouraged every time.

Why Grand Columbus School is the Top School Of Faridabad?

Grand Columbus International School provides an advanced infrastructure with Air conditioning and smart classrooms with a big screen for visualizing experiences to increase the attention and concentration of students.

The Grand Columbus International School provides 24*7 CCTV coverage everywhere is the school premises so that any unacceptable activity can't happen in the school.

The Beautification of the Grand Columbus International School building is always a focal point when parents consider taking admission of their children. At the Top School Of Faridabad, there are several types of beautiful flowers planted at the school that makes the environment pure.

The Grand Columbus International School gives a platform to students who want to learn new things. Students can take part in dancing, singing, fancy dress, face painting, drawing, debate, speaking, writing, and other activities.

Grand Columbus International School has a well-equipped science lab where school authorities ensure the availability of every required equipment for practicals because school authorities always believe that students are the school's core asset, they help to grow the school's popularity.

Grand Columbus International provides a high-tech computer lab with all the modern technology where students learn about every expect of Information technology to make the school the Top School Of Faridabad.

How Grand Columbus International School helps Students in their Development?

Nowadays, Experimental learning become a very important part of the student's curriculum, students have to perform it in every stage of their academic tenure that's why students at Grand Columbus International School learn how to do experimental activities under the guidance of expert teachers after completion of activities students get marks. They need to learn the skills of the experiment so that they can perform wherever required.

At the Best School in Faridabad, Students are given a platform to learn with their peers and in the community. So that they can learn to communicate and learn new things. It's shown that in community learning the children's minds develop very fast and they get confidence and their personality develop.

The Grand Columbus International School fills students with the spirit of teamwork they learn how to work as a team, and how to work in collaboration. The students go through many tasks and competition that makes them stronger, increase their potential, and make them more focused to achieve their goals.

In order to make Grand Columbus International School the Best School in Faridabad, School provides a healthy and Collaborative environment that helps the student interact and build understanding with each other.

Initiatives of Grand Columbus International School

Cognitive skills and development are very essential for the student's growth. Grand Columbus International School started an initiative named "Atal Tinkering Lab" that helps grow the intellectual thinking of students. It also makes students more curious and capable to grasp things more quickly. Students can get these initiatives only in the Best School in Faridabad like Grand Columbus International School.

Nowadays, Sports become more relevant along with academics because sports activities enhance the motion speed of the students and also help them to keep healthy that's why Grand Columbus International School initiates activities, like state-level sports tournaments, where students give their best to earn medals for the school and make the school the Best School in Faridabad.

Grand Columbus International School has successfully run an initiative named "LaunchPad" for students who want to do preparation for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, and NDA free of cost.

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